“Ashley Shades”. My bucket list goal for homeless pets

My dog Ashley (a Yellow Lab) passed three years ago and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her. I also briefly lived with a dog whom my girlfriend (at the time) adopted. The dog was adopted as an adult and I guess it had a traumatic past. The dog “Shades” (a dark German Shepard) was a sweet dog but out of the blue was aggressive and attacked my girlfriend, her mother, and myself. We tried to help the dog but in the end there was no help. Both dogs I miss and my heart aches.

I hope to one day build a sanctuary for dogs that have no home and dogs that need help and rehabilitation therapy. There is so much love pets can give and so much is wasted because there are not enough people to can provide for these wonderful animals.

In honor of Ashley and Shades… I’m going to call this pet sanctuary “Ashley Shades.”

I’ve spotted some affordable locations in Harvard, IL which is just outside of Chicago, IL and easily accessible via the Metra train. This will help people come and visit, volunteer, and hopefully adopt.

This is not a nice to have goal. This is something I’ve been actively working on and planning and hopefully will bring to realization sooner then later. Nothing would bring me more joy then to provide for dogs that just need love and attention. That I have to give.

Fatherhood – Mya Olena Negretti (daughter)

No matter what my success is in my career… nothing is and never will be as rewarding as being a father to my beautiful daughter Mya Olena Negretti.

She is my pride and joy and my inspiration. She’s my everything and will be 5 years old this November (2017).