AWARD WINNING 20 year career

be_the_change_wall_decal_headerCAREER HIGHLIGHTS

  • Hired 120+ employees. Worked on 300+ projects, 650+ websites, 200+ web applications, and 30+ products.
  • Career passions: personalized user experiences (UX), innovations in mobile technologies, targeted ecommerce.
  • CEO & Co-founder: SocialSimple, targeted ecommerce user experiences via complex social graph data algorithms.
  • Corporate Executive: Hitachi, reduced web project efficiencies/costs, improved the online user experience (UX).
  • Agency Executive: managed portfolio of client projects and the technology/design teams for digital/print agencies.
  • Chief Strategist: Verizon, lead “Enterprise 2.0” projects to improve online UX throughout the enterprise.
  • Lead Architect:, launched a location based media mobile app (iPhone/Android) at SXSW (March 14’).
  • Lead Engineer: Miva Merchant, an award winning ecommerce platform ($100 billion online sales, 400,000+ installations). Used by Honeywell, eBay, PayPal, Foursquare, Dell, Nautica, MapQuest, Monster, Network Solutions.
  • Blogger: of new and emerging technology trends, social graph statistics, mobile innovations, industry forecasting.
  • Ability to successfully manage design/technology teams as programming (22 yrs) & design (20 yrs) skills are active.



EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT, Web Technologies & User Experience (UX) – Johnny Negretti (self)
Business consultant to executives (corporations, digital agencies, and startups).

Consultant on web technologies, mobile, and online marketing projects/strategies aimed to streamline web architecture, development processes, personalized user experiences (UX), responsive design, user data analytics, and social media.

Digital think-tank agency on brand strategies and technology innovations.

Served as Chief Technology Officer providing strategic leadership in the areas of technology, mobile, interactive marketing, digital media, social media, cloud computing, and industry insight into the latest trends and innovations in web. Reporting and deep analytics of “Big Data” for personalized user experiences / responsive design. Managed and planned all technology initiatives, strategies, projects, and resources. Managed web portfolio (clients in fashion, health, and technology): Macy’s, Walmart, Coach, Komar, Michael Kors, Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Fuhrman, Virgin Airlines.

CHIEF STRATEGIST, Emerging Technologies & User Experience (UX)Verizon Communications
$106 billion/year company, Forbes #13 ‘Largest US Companies’ (270,000+ employees).

Reporting to the CIO, advised C-level executives on strategies and solutions for new technology initiatives, web development, user experience (UX), and “Enterprise 2.0” projects utilizing emerging technologies, social media, mobile, and cloud computing. Implemented enterprise architecture standards, policies, and procedures. Managed team of 30+.

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (CEO), Startup Co-Founder – SocialSimple, LLC
Successful startup in personalized ecommerce user experiences (UX) via data mining/analytics of the social graph.

Co-founding CEO and hands-on CTO of a successful social networking startup. Developed and engineered a high volume and “Big Data” SaaS product that personalized ecommerce user experiences (in real-time) through targeted marketing using social graph analytics and various API web services (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace, Digg, Yelp). Hired all staff and formed a new company from the ground up (operations/facilities/finance/etc). Full P&L responsibilities. Investment by Golozo Partners of $2.4 million (2008). Company acquired by NBC Universal for $4.7 million (2010).

DIRECTOR, Global Web Operations & User Experience (UX)Hitachi, Ltd.
$112 billion/year company, Forbes #35 ‘Largest Global Companies’ (400,000+ employees).

Reporting to the CIO office, established a new executive sponsored (C-level) department to lead and unify all Web IT / Marketing resources throughout all enterprise web systems. Successfully accomplished executive charter to improve the online user experience and streamline web operations through cross-departmental collaboration. P&L forecasting. Managed international team of architects, web developers, engineers, UX designers, business analysts, QA (team of 70+).

DIRECTOR, Web Engineering & Interactive Media (Web Portfolio) – Interactivate, Inc.
San Diego’s largest digital agency.

Reporting to the CTO, lead and managed all interactive media, user experience (UX), and web development projects. Managed international team of designers, web developers (PHP/.NET), and QA (team of 25+). Managed web portfolio (100+ clients): Sunkist, Wolfgang Puck, Jenny Craig, California Avocado,,,

SR. MANAGER, Web Engineering & Web Creative (Web Portfolio) – Modern Postcard
$40 million/year direct mail and print marketing agency.

Reporting to the CIO, lead and established company’s first consolidated group of all web resources. Generated 50% of company revenue ($20+ million/year in online sales) through online marketing, email campaigns, and personalized print marketing (VDP). P&L responsibilities. Managed team of web developers, software engineers, UX designers, QA (team of 15+). Managed web portfolio (40+ clients): USPS, Avery, FastFrames, Jiffy Lube,,

SR. MANAGER, Web Engineering & Web Marketing (Web Portfolio) – ViaSat, Inc.
$1.1 billion/year telecommunications company (2,900+ employees).

Established and managed a new web/marketing dept. Managed web portfolio (100+ applications / websites).

MANAGER, Web Engineering – KFKI Systems, Inc.

Reporting to the CEO, managed international ecommerce development team of web designers, engineers, QA.

LEAD ENGINEER & Product EvangelistMiva Corporation

Reporting to the CTO, Lead Engineer of multi-award winning ecommerce platform Miva Merchant. Community representative and evangelist for various company products, including providing programming guidance to community developers through forums and speaking at ecommerce conferences. Redesigned API from the ground up.


CAREER PROJECTS (partial list)

  • Uppertag, personalized content through deep analysis of user’s social graph (app unlaunched).
  •, healthy foods education blog / daily newsletter (new website unlaunched).
  •, developed backend API for a location based media sharing mobile app.
  •, technology strategy planning for education community startup.
  •, hollywood news magazine and website, re-developed Drupal to WordPress VIP.
  •, re-developed website from Django to PHP for photo sharing startup.
  • Wordjax, proprietary tiered plugin / module with scalable API and template UI hooks.
  •, streamlined the front-end user experience and backend architecture.
  • UCSD (University of California, San Diego), redesigned and developed new dept websites.
  • Quality8, app to automate the quality assurance (QA) process of website and UIX testing.
  •, community website for parenting advice from accredited industry experts.
  •, healthy living education portal / instructional videos / newsletter.
  • Macy’s, strategy projects and proposals to streamline in-store customer experience utilizing mobile
  • WalMart, strategy planning and brand management of various fashion products and clothing lines.
  • Adoptive (agency), client collaboration and strategic planning on web marketing, technology architecture, social media.
  • Verizon Enterprise 2.0, streamline enterprise web operations, technology infrastructure, web development processes.
  • Verizon vCommons, collaboration web portal for 270,000+ employees utilizing social media.
  • Verizon CAB Portal, advisory board portal for C-level executive clients and customers.
  • SocialSimple, ecommerce targeted marketing and UIX via social media data mining/analytics.
  • Socialjax, reusable code for rapid application development on social graph API connections.
  • Hitachi Enterprise Portal, online support web systems and applications enterprise wide.
  • Interactivate Web Portfolio (100+ clients): managed interactive media, user experience (UX), web development projects. Client websites / projects (partial list):
  • Modern Postcard Web Portfolio (40+ clients): managed creative/web development projects. Clients/projects (partial list): USPSAveryFastFramesJiffy Lube.
  • Modern OOS, proprietary ecommerce and automated printing solution, branded and white label. (branded), (white lable), (white label API).
  • Modern Postcard VDP, implemented architecture and automation of variable data printing for direct mail campaigns.
  • NEMO, automation of the ecommerce order to printing to delivery to customer process.
  • Network Mailer, branded direct mail marketing materials for brand’s network of affiliates.
  • WebPoint, proprietary military in-field extranet and CMS, code reviewed/approved by the NSA.
  • VEEO Manager, ecommerce plugin for software subscriptions and plugin downloads.
  • Miva Merchant, industry leading ecommere platform with an extendable module API. Used by Honeywell, eBay, PayPal, Foursquare, Dell, Taylor Swift, Nautica, MapQuest, Monster, Network Solutions. Since 1997 over 400,000 online installations and $100 billion in online sales.
  • Miva Now, trial to purchase automation of ecommerce platform to 3rd party hosting.



“demonstrates that you and I, the end users, are his number one priority” – Colleen M., Production Manager (Colleague)

“He could synthesize an entire web architecture almost intuitively” – Greg W., Product Development Director (Colleague)

“technically very savvy but also has a strong business sense, a terrific combination” – Britt S., CEO (Recruiter)

“tremendous asset in strategic leadership and technological vision” – Anthony L., Chief Technology Officer (Supervisor)

“He’s a visionary who turns complicated and mundane into inspiring and simple” – Marzena K., Creative Director (Business Vendor)

“motivated, intelligent and innovative internet visionary who is well versed in the Web 2.0 landscape” – Justin C., Sr. PM (Colleague)

“doesn’t see obstacles as limitations, but rather as opportunities for finding innovative solutions” – Jeremy R., Sales Mgr (Colleague)

“self motivating and extremely knowledgeable in all things web-related” – Gordon D., IT Director (Supervisor)

“I asked him to autograph it, and I taped it to my desktop. It’s that good.” (company architecture diagram) – Sean D., EVP (Colleague)